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Google Becomes More Social

Here’s another reason that your brand should have a social media presence. Google results will soon contain even more results generated from social media content. Check it out.



Facebook was created to enhance relationships, but can it do the opposite?

I thought that this Wall Street Journal article really pointed out some major problems with social media and how it can affect relationships.


-Alexa Bell

What do Rickrolling, sneezing baby pandas and three guys who used to work for PayPal have in common? They all became famous thanks to YouTube.

YouTube, as the second largest search engine, is a site that PR practitioners must consider when planning a social media strategy. Mashable’s “10 Fascinating YouTube Facts That May Surprise You” is a mixture of fun trivia and useful information about the site.

YouTube’s importance as an integrated social media site is undeniable. “YouTube says that on average there are more than 400 tweets per minute containing a YouTube link. Meanwhile, over on Facebook over 150 years worth of YouTube videos are watched every single day.” This means that posting an interesting, successful video to YouTube can lead to a lot of impressions. Use it wisely!

-Brenda Mackey

Facebook Success Stories

I read an article on today called 3 Facebook Commerce Success Stories Like this article begins by saying, there are not a lot of Facebook success stories, at least not yet.  But the fact that there are any at all show a revolution in how business works today.

The article discusses three businesses that have made it big in the Facebook world.

The first company is who attributes 50% of their sales to their Facebook page.  This company brings up the obvious point that a Facebook page is an excellent way to stay in front of the customer and keep on their mind.  Most people check their Facebook regularly, at least a few times a week.  This definitely keeps the company ‘in front of them’ regularly.

The second company is Livescribe.  Livescribe used their Facebook page to keep users interested in the product by allowing them to share or tweet their interest in a certain product.

The third company the article talks about is Ettitude also allows Facebook users to like or share product interest.  This ability to share a product with your ‘friends’ allows this company to increase their customer base in a new unique way.

The use of Facebook to share and sell products is like bringing the company’s web site to the customer.  This idea is not exactly new, but the results are.  I foresee many more companies using Facebook to increase their success in the future.

-Alicia Meek

Greetings, Blogosphere!

We are Media in the Social.  In today’s society the news never sleeps, and it is never delayed.  Anyone can be a producer of the news and the news can be posted through any outlet.  Social media has become the wave of the future and has allowed everyone and anyone to post news no matter where they are.  We are five public relations students enrolled in a social media class who want to discuss how social media affects public relations and vice versa.  We will each make a minimum of one post weekly to discuss things that catch our eye related to social media and PR.

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