I read an article on mashable.com today called 3 Facebook Commerce Success Storieshttp://mashable.com/2011/02/21/facebook-commerce/ Like this article begins by saying, there are not a lot of Facebook success stories, at least not yet.  But the fact that there are any at all show a revolution in how business works today.

The article discusses three businesses that have made it big in the Facebook world.

The first company is BabyAndMeGifts.com who attributes 50% of their sales to their Facebook page.  This company brings up the obvious point that a Facebook page is an excellent way to stay in front of the customer and keep on their mind.  Most people check their Facebook regularly, at least a few times a week.  This definitely keeps the company ‘in front of them’ regularly.

The second company is Livescribe.  Livescribe used their Facebook page to keep users interested in the product by allowing them to share or tweet their interest in a certain product.

The third company the article talks about is Ettitude also allows Facebook users to like or share product interest.  This ability to share a product with your ‘friends’ allows this company to increase their customer base in a new unique way.

The use of Facebook to share and sell products is like bringing the company’s web site to the customer.  This idea is not exactly new, but the results are.  I foresee many more companies using Facebook to increase their success in the future.

-Alicia Meek