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In February 2011, Robert Gibbs resigned his post as the White House Press Secretary. At first Gibbs said he was making the move to prepare for Obama’s re-election campaign. After a few weeks, however, he began to distance himself from the Obama Administration.

So whats next?

Apparently, Robert Gibbs is in talks with Facebook!

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If hired, Robert Gibbs will be an excellent addition to Facebook. The company was looking for someone who was used to high pressure situations, and there is really nowhere more high pressure than the White House.  Facebook and the Obama Administration also have more in common than meets the eye. Both are dealing with the fact that they want to talk about openness and transparency, but many people don’t see them as  following through with this concept.

This isn’t the first time Facebook and the Obama administration have crossed paths, Chris Hughes is a co-founder of Facebook and was named “The Kid Who Got Obama elected” after he set up a social network site for people who were working towards getting Obama elected.

Just another way that Facebook is influences others and impacts the world!


In the arena of communications times have changed, the power has shifted, and the floodgates have been opened. Through this transition that has been in the making for the past couple decades communicators roles have been reversed, giving rise to a new collectivity of influencers. These new influencers now help direct and sometimes control communication, playing a big role in the gameplay of professional communicators. These influencers seem as rich a resource as any other for communicators trying to reach others. But how does someone reach these influencers in order to reach others? Read this article by Brian Solis to gain an understanding in leverging these relationships and tapping into the resource of new influencers.

The two social media giants have been integrated into so many aspects of life, changing how most people conduct their day to day activities and find information. After altering the world forever, the two entities seem to be playing off each other more and more. This post is not to cover something new, but instead to revisite the Twitter application for Facebook.
You can use the Twitter for Facebook app to:

  • Find and follow your Facebook friends who tweet
  • Post your tweets to your Facebook profile or Facebook page
  • Encourage your Facebook friends to follow you on Twitter

This was a risky move for Facebook, basically giving way to the reach of twitter. For convenience, this app is great though, holding the interest of over two million active users. The link to the page can be found by clicking here, or below.!/apps/application.php?id=2231777543&sk=info

Everyone does what they do, buys what they buy, and goes where they go based on an influence.  Maybe your influencer was your parent when deciding where to go to college? Maybe you teachers influenced you on what major to choose? Or maybe a friend encouraged you to buy the iPod over a Zune.  No matter what, you are being influenced every day.

So as PR people how do we reach new influencers to get people to buy our product, use our service, or come to our business?

Everyone knows that celebrities and people in the social spotlight influence what other people do.  According to Craig Newmark, an entrepreneur best known for being the founder of the San Francisco-based international web site Craigslist, the three top influencers are Barack Obama, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.  He also recommends Tina Fey, Jimmy Wales, George Clooney, Oprah and Nancy Pelosi.  Several of these people have their own talk show.  To reach someone to get them to talk about you on their talk show you need to already be famous or do something pretty extraordinary.  But when planning some extraordinary event remember to keep it tasteful.  Or you may just get unfriendly discussion from those big influencers, so beware.


What do you read? How do you get your news and connect with others? Are you more likely to pick up a newspaper or an iPad?

The way PR practitioners go about their daily lives affects their work, says Brian Solis. “Once they get it personally, then they can get it for whatever it is they’re trying to represent. If you don’t live it and breathe it yourself you can’t get it. It’s very cultural.”

Chris Beck, founder of 26dottwo, explores “the new influencers” in his interview with Brian Solis.

The focus has changed from newspaper and radio to Twitter and the Facebook news feed. “That is the attention dashboard today,” Solis says.

One tidbit to keep in mind? “You’re dealing with an audience who has an audience who has an audience. People are building social networks around themselves. You have to introduce value into their stream.”

Could standout NFL wide receiver Chad Ochocinco be trading out one football for another? It seems that way since the local MLS club SportingKC announced that Ochocinco was invited to a four day tryout. The trial run which begins Tuesday, was announced by SportingKC via their Twitter feed yesterday along with some enticing photos for fans. Ochocinco added credibility to the invitation as well, explaining through his feed that he played soccer as a youth and even aspired to play the sport professionally before his NFL career.

I’m stepping out on a ledge here, but I say don’t believe the hype! Even with the NFL on standstill from a league-wide lockout, I don’t think Ochocinco is truly pursing a new sporting path with the MLS? So what’s really going on here?  Well obviously SportingKC has found a way to make themselves nationally relevant a week before they’re set to start the season, and I can’t blame ’em. The immediate attention garnered is vital as the transitioning team redefines who they are. Time is of the essence for them and they’re taking full advantage of it.  Within the past few months the team has introduced a new name, stadium, and sponsor; driving attention and interest. Now we see the culmination of these efforts through the Ochocinco stunt.

It seems as if it’s paying off as the online murmurs of jersey sales and season ticket packages become louder. SportingKC has found the ultimate pairing for their product: celebrity; and it gets no better than Ochocinco’s colorful nature. Ochocinco may never see the pitch but SportingKC has managed to make themselves relevant, what might have been its most difficult match this season. As for the chances of #85 making the team? Child please!

Hello All,

After countless encounters of Charlie Sheen doing things he is not suppose to be doing, the negative image started to show some positives. As the same goes for sports stars, “bad boy” celebrities are becoming more and more acceptable. Pushing the limit of course is Charlie Sheen, who has been caught doing just about everything. After going on the interviews and talk shows and talking openly about the problem, the social media world started taking over. After a crazy amount of tweets and Facebook posts about the celeb, YouTube videos started becoming creative. This all led to the creation of the current pr campaign, which is to find the next intern for Sheen. They are calling it the TigerBlood Intern, and consists of posting a tweet with the hashtags #WINNING and #TiberBlood Intern.

Below is a link to one of the internship sign-ups, as well as one of the YouTube videos dedicated to this new movement.

Netflix is mostly known for its instant streaming and DVD delivery sysetm, but soon the comapany will begin showing its own original series. Netflix outbid many other television giants such as HBO to carry the original series “House of Cards”.  This original series will be produced and directed by Oscar nominee David Fincher, and star Kevin Spacey.

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Netflix is unlike any other television company however, because they allow people to rate and comment on the videos that are watched. This will allow Netflix to be able to hear direct input from the viewers.

Will this open up the arena for more internet only based television shows? If so, how will many companys make money off the shows and will they be rated differently?

Netflix has made a strong commitment to “House of Cards” and already ordered two seaons, which is relatlivey unheard of.

Errors while computing are frustrating. But are they a marketing opportunity?

Of course! For the PR practitioner, the 404 message is a relationship building tool. A 404 is an error page where visitors to your website end up if they try to navigate to a page that does not exist. If you keep the visitor calm and maybe get a laugh, you can turn frustration into fun, creating a positive view of your organization.

Some sites have completely random 404s, with Chuck Norris stealing the page or the page having been sucked into the void of outer space. Others stick to their brand identity, such as Hoppermagic using a hopper of sorts. One can even be used to prank friends!

You wake up, get ready for work and head to the bus stop. You haven’t had your coffee yet, so your eyes may not be working quite right, but you can tell that the bus stop looks… odd. It seems to have a couch, an area rug and drapery. Then you get on the bus and it has pot holders hanging from the handholds. What’s going on here?

You’ve been hit by Ikea’s guerrilla marketing. Guerrilla marketing involves getting right in people’s faces with a product or idea, and that’s exactly what Ikea did in Manhattan. Using the slogan “Good design can make the everyday a little better,” Ikea decorated the city for five days to show the inhabitants its wares.

This is just one example from the interesting and fun “10 Excellent Examples of Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns.” Check out the rest for some great ideas!