In our social media class last week we discussed a little bit about Facebook ad’s and how they are catered to a specific audience in mind.  I came across an article today called 10 Rules For Advertising On Facebook

The first rule seemed obvious to me.  Facebook advertising is not going to generate your business a great amount of money instantaneous, of course.  An advertisement or anything for a company posted on social media is about the long-term relationship with the customer, not instant sales.  The author, Nick O’Neill, says “Facebook is about relationship marketing.” And this is true.

The second rule says to create a greater volume of ads that target less people. 

“Often times on Google, advertisers will create an ad which targets every person in a single country and then split test two ad versions against each other. On Facebook this model will do nothing but cost you money. Placing a generic ad that’s targeted at an entire country, without any additional targeting, will do nothing but get you a lot of clicks and waste a lot of money for the most part.”
This is because for Facebook ads, many companies pay per click.  However, how many times have you or I accidentally clicked on an ad were really had no interest in purely by mistake and then backed right out of it.  Facebook has 11 different targeting factors that companies should take advantage of.
The third rule is to “friend users before selling to them.”  Facebook offers fan pages for businesses which are free.  Other Facebook users can become “friends” with a company by interacting with their page by becoming a fan, or RSVPing to an event that they post.  Building a relationship with your customer base makes you stand out in their mind.
The fourth rule says to understand your market, which is also very crutial to building a relationship with them.
The fifth and sixth rules discuss setting a goal and monitoring the progress.  The seventh through the 9th go over testing your Facebook ads against the traditional online advertising and being creative with your ads.  The 10th discusses not overtargeting. 
The importance of this article is that when using a Facebook advertising, you need to be just as timely, deadline driven, obtainable, budgeted  and goal set as when you create a full public relations campaign for a company. 
“Since we cannot change reality, let us change the eyes which see reality.”– Nikos Kazantzakis