Hello All,

After countless encounters of Charlie Sheen doing things he is not suppose to be doing, the negative image started to show some positives. As the same goes for sports stars, “bad boy” celebrities are becoming more and more acceptable. Pushing the limit of course is Charlie Sheen, who has been caught doing just about everything. After going on the interviews and talk shows and talking openly about the problem, the social media world started taking over. After a crazy amount of tweets and Facebook posts about the celeb, YouTube videos started becoming creative. This all led to the creation of the current pr campaign, which is to find the next intern for Sheen. They are calling it the TigerBlood Intern, and consists of posting a tweet with the hashtags #WINNING and #TiberBlood Intern.

Below is a link to one of the internship sign-ups, as well as one of the YouTube videos dedicated to this new movement.