In February 2011, Robert Gibbs resigned his post as the White House Press Secretary. At first Gibbs said he was making the move to prepare for Obama’s re-election campaign. After a few weeks, however, he began to distance himself from the Obama Administration.

So whats next?

Apparently, Robert Gibbs is in talks with Facebook!

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If hired, Robert Gibbs will be an excellent addition to Facebook. The company was looking for someone who was used to high pressure situations, and there is really nowhere more high pressure than the White House.  Facebook and the Obama Administration also have more in common than meets the eye. Both are dealing with the fact that they want to talk about openness and transparency, but many people don’t see them as  following through with this concept.

This isn’t the first time Facebook and the Obama administration have crossed paths, Chris Hughes is a co-founder of Facebook and was named “The Kid Who Got Obama elected” after he set up a social network site for people who were working towards getting Obama elected.

Just another way that Facebook is influences others and impacts the world!