Here’s a scary and somewhat surprising statistic, as many as 70-percent of social media campaigns will fail in 2011. This alarming statistic that is refuted by some and warned about by others brings up a great topic. Why, if the numbers are true, will so many social media efforts yield little or no return? Unanimously, practitioners agree that a lack of planning is to blame. The planning stage itself of a social media campaigns seems to be a cornerstone, yet many practitioners neglect this stage, only to find failures in the future. So what makes this stage so effective and important? Well, Brian Solis explains in his article, “In Social Media, Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail.”  In the article Solis suggests that, “success requires definition based on intentions, goals, and mutual value…across the organization from the top down, bottom up, inside out and outside in.” All this information presented, it looks clear that the ready, aim, fire approach yields little results. A strong sense of planning is the first step to social media success.