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The Royal Wedding!

One great thing about social media, is that you realize that you’re never alone. For example, I soon realized that I definitely wasnt the only one who LOVED the Royal Wedding!

On April 29th, the Royal Wedding was streamed live all over the world.

“The company says that its livestream of Kate and Williams wedding topped 300,000 concurrent viewers at 6 a.m. ET on Friday morning. CEO Max Haot tells us that he expects “at least 2 million” unique viewers by the time the broadcast is done. Livestream partnered with the Associated Press, UK Press Association, CBS and Entertainment Tonight for its coverage.”



One of the worst things about Twitter is the fact that it crashes frequently. Users are often so frustrated with it, that they quit using for days at at time.

How can these crashes be prevented? It seems that witter was never really prepared for how big it would become, andd is now stuggling to keep up with the demand.

How can you help reslove the crashes? By avoiding the crash when you notice problems within the site, it actually helps to speed up the recovery process.

Does Twitters frequent crashes change how you use Twitter??

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Obama will be heading to Palo Alto on April 20th to host a Town Hall Meeting with CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The session will be streaming live on Facebook, and anyone will be allowed to attend and will focus on the economy. Users will be allowed to ask questions on the Facebook event page or at the White House website.

Obama obviously knows how to handle social media, and attract the attention of the younger demographic.

In February 2011, Robert Gibbs resigned his post as the White House Press Secretary. At first Gibbs said he was making the move to prepare for Obama’s re-election campaign. After a few weeks, however, he began to distance himself from the Obama Administration.

So whats next?

Apparently, Robert Gibbs is in talks with Facebook!

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If hired, Robert Gibbs will be an excellent addition to Facebook. The company was looking for someone who was used to high pressure situations, and there is really nowhere more high pressure than the White House.  Facebook and the Obama Administration also have more in common than meets the eye. Both are dealing with the fact that they want to talk about openness and transparency, but many people don’t see them as  following through with this concept.

This isn’t the first time Facebook and the Obama administration have crossed paths, Chris Hughes is a co-founder of Facebook and was named “The Kid Who Got Obama elected” after he set up a social network site for people who were working towards getting Obama elected.

Just another way that Facebook is influences others and impacts the world!

Netflix is mostly known for its instant streaming and DVD delivery sysetm, but soon the comapany will begin showing its own original series. Netflix outbid many other television giants such as HBO to carry the original series “House of Cards”.  This original series will be produced and directed by Oscar nominee David Fincher, and star Kevin Spacey.

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Netflix is unlike any other television company however, because they allow people to rate and comment on the videos that are watched. This will allow Netflix to be able to hear direct input from the viewers.

Will this open up the arena for more internet only based television shows? If so, how will many companys make money off the shows and will they be rated differently?

Netflix has made a strong commitment to “House of Cards” and already ordered two seaons, which is relatlivey unheard of.

Facebook was created to enhance relationships, but can it do the opposite?

I thought that this Wall Street Journal article really pointed out some major problems with social media and how it can affect relationships.


-Alexa Bell