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Social Media Budgeting

Investing into social media is something that is becoming more and more obvious by the day. With social media holding so much of people’s attention, it is very difficult to ignore its presence. Investing can mean different things to different people of course. Whether it be investing your money, resources, effort or time, or possibly all of the above, it is becoming very important. To some time is money, so they could be viewed as the same.

This link takes you to a page on, where I found a short article covering ”How to Spend Your Social Media Money in 2011.” The article covers how to propell yourself forward in social media through majority means of money. For the most part, I thought the information was good and useful to implement.

The only thing I did not agree with, was #4-Sponsored Blog Posts. This was telling you to pay a blog to write a post covering you or your product. I could see how this is useful, but at the same time I just feel like it is trying to disguise itself as a real inspiration. Instead of following your name and finding this article that you inspired someone to publish, it gets out that you paid for it, and it, in my opinion, looses it’s validity as far as being promoted in a blog. Just seems off to me, but make your own judgements of course.

The link to the site is below, and with each of the five steps is at least one link leading to the material it references.



Regardless of the size of a company or business, they all have to have some planning in working with social media or it will be inadequate. This article, which is kinda lengthy, covers how some of the two big names are doing it. In the article Adobe and USA Today are covered, and their method to using social media. At the beginning of the article they use the term “leveraging the social media landscape,” which I feel is a great way to put into perspective how important this is. This article trumps many other articles out there because this article is recent, and anyone who uses social media knows that it is forever changing.
Check out his link for the full article:

Facebook’s Twitter App

The two social media giants have been integrated into so many aspects of life, changing how most people conduct their day to day activities and find information. After altering the world forever, the two entities seem to be playing off each other more and more. This post is not to cover something new, but instead to revisite the Twitter application for Facebook.
You can use the Twitter for Facebook app to:

  • Find and follow your Facebook friends who tweet
  • Post your tweets to your Facebook profile or Facebook page
  • Encourage your Facebook friends to follow you on Twitter

This was a risky move for Facebook, basically giving way to the reach of twitter. For convenience, this app is great though, holding the interest of over two million active users. The link to the page can be found by clicking here, or below.!/apps/application.php?id=2231777543&sk=info

Hello All,

After countless encounters of Charlie Sheen doing things he is not suppose to be doing, the negative image started to show some positives. As the same goes for sports stars, “bad boy” celebrities are becoming more and more acceptable. Pushing the limit of course is Charlie Sheen, who has been caught doing just about everything. After going on the interviews and talk shows and talking openly about the problem, the social media world started taking over. After a crazy amount of tweets and Facebook posts about the celeb, YouTube videos started becoming creative. This all led to the creation of the current pr campaign, which is to find the next intern for Sheen. They are calling it the TigerBlood Intern, and consists of posting a tweet with the hashtags #WINNING and #TiberBlood Intern.

Below is a link to one of the internship sign-ups, as well as one of the YouTube videos dedicated to this new movement.

Hello all,

Due to the contribution Facebook has made to the overthrow of the cruel government in Egypt, one man has named his child after the popular social network. Many people see this to be an amazing story, and equally as many people see this as absolutely ridiculous. Parents choose their child’s name for one of many reasons. Whether it be their favorite name, another family member, or the most unique name they thought of. Though I can see how some people would be bothered by someone naming their child after a company, I still agree with the name. To the people of Egypt, Facebook is not just another company, its a symbol of change. A symbol of promise and a new future, one where the people can grow and prosper. Ultimately, Facebook in Egypt means the same as the word freedom here. For all the details, you can click here, or visit the link below.


Hello All,


Currently enrolled in a social media class, one of our first assignments was to set up a Twitter account, become familiar with how it worked, as well as follow and be followed by classmates. I decided that since I was to be on Twitter anyways, I would make my experience a little more interesting to me, and followed some news sources as well as music. I apologize for the dryness, now is when the meaning comes in to this post…

I logged into Twitter to check the status of my account and to make some posts. Good timing on my part because I had a recent post from a music interest of mine. Tech Nine is the name, from Kansas City MO, which is local for where I am. The post stated that Tech and others from his label would be on UStream doing a live broadcast to fans, and answering questions posted. Being unfamiliar to the site, I decided to check it out.

Most musicians, singers and all others in similar categories use to not do the little things to keep the fans involved and interested. If you did not go to the concerts, or wait forever in line for a signing, you did not have a chance to see your favorite artist. Tabloids maybe, but pictures never do anyone justice. When I went to the site, I found Tech on live stream, laughing and joking around with other label artists. This was some people favorite artist, just hanging out with what would feel like quality time.

Being live on the computer, in a sort of “real” setting, really shows how todays artists are using social media to reach the people. Getting fans involved through a Twitter post and a live stream on UStream, allowing them to ask their own questions and make comments to this group is in my opinion phenomenal. Now we can all be better in touch with the music we are constantly listening as well as those who are creating it.

Very simple idea to post on, but I think it makes a world of difference.