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Can social media and paid media get along? That’s the question that social advertising platform Linqia is trying to answer, as it melds the realms of social media and marketing.

As a PR practitioner looking for ways to reach targeted audiences with  concise messaging, Linquia says that it can bridge the gap, but it’s the way they are doing so that is causing an outrage among professionals.

Through online outreach to community managers, Linqia introduces opportunities for niche communities to discuss products and services within the community, all while the managers receive compensation in return. This offering of paid placement of social content has lead to debate from all sides.

As a tool, Linqia aggregates lists of communities  from around the web and then catalogs their administrators allowing brands to connect and buy cost-per-performance advertising in relevant communities. The community manger controls the content, deciding what does and doesn’t meet the community.

For many practitioners red flags are going up almost immediately, the thought of community leaders whoring out their masses definitely brings up ethical questions. But that’s only what is to be said of the worse, if a responsible and trusted community leader used this tool to help inform and grow a community, would we be so doubtful? There’s still a lot to be learned about this new tool. Check out this article for another perspective on Linqia and let me know what you think.


Here’s a scary and somewhat surprising statistic, as many as 70-percent of social media campaigns will fail in 2011. This alarming statistic that is refuted by some and warned about by others brings up a great topic. Why, if the numbers are true, will so many social media efforts yield little or no return? Unanimously, practitioners agree that a lack of planning is to blame. The planning stage itself of a social media campaigns seems to be a cornerstone, yet many practitioners neglect this stage, only to find failures in the future. So what makes this stage so effective and important? Well, Brian Solis explains in his article, “In Social Media, Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail.”  In the article Solis suggests that, “success requires definition based on intentions, goals, and mutual value…across the organization from the top down, bottom up, inside out and outside in.” All this information presented, it looks clear that the ready, aim, fire approach yields little results. A strong sense of planning is the first step to social media success.

In the arena of communications times have changed, the power has shifted, and the floodgates have been opened. Through this transition that has been in the making for the past couple decades communicators roles have been reversed, giving rise to a new collectivity of influencers. These new influencers now help direct and sometimes control communication, playing a big role in the gameplay of professional communicators. These influencers seem as rich a resource as any other for communicators trying to reach others. But how does someone reach these influencers in order to reach others? Read this article by Brian Solis to gain an understanding in leverging these relationships and tapping into the resource of new influencers.

Could standout NFL wide receiver Chad Ochocinco be trading out one football for another? It seems that way since the local MLS club SportingKC announced that Ochocinco was invited to a four day tryout. The trial run which begins Tuesday, was announced by SportingKC via their Twitter feed yesterday along with some enticing photos for fans. Ochocinco added credibility to the invitation as well, explaining through his feed that he played soccer as a youth and even aspired to play the sport professionally before his NFL career.

I’m stepping out on a ledge here, but I say don’t believe the hype! Even with the NFL on standstill from a league-wide lockout, I don’t think Ochocinco is truly pursing a new sporting path with the MLS? So what’s really going on here?  Well obviously SportingKC has found a way to make themselves nationally relevant a week before they’re set to start the season, and I can’t blame ’em. The immediate attention garnered is vital as the transitioning team redefines who they are. Time is of the essence for them and they’re taking full advantage of it.  Within the past few months the team has introduced a new name, stadium, and sponsor; driving attention and interest. Now we see the culmination of these efforts through the Ochocinco stunt.

It seems as if it’s paying off as the online murmurs of jersey sales and season ticket packages become louder. SportingKC has found the ultimate pairing for their product: celebrity; and it gets no better than Ochocinco’s colorful nature. Ochocinco may never see the pitch but SportingKC has managed to make themselves relevant, what might have been its most difficult match this season. As for the chances of #85 making the team? Child please!

Call me a conspirator but this article really makes you think of what facebook might have in store for the future. Soshable examines what may be the true intentions of facebook as the company sets out its “master plan” for expansion and dominance within the online (and offline) world. Within this year, the social media juggernaut could hit the milestone of a billion users but are shear numbers its true intention? Of course not. It’s what the numbers provide, profit and power. The author does a fascinating job piecing the moves of the social network along with what they might mean for users and the world alike in the near future. Take a look and see for yourself.

Privacy and Protest.

A lot is being said about the 26-page document that Facebook produced in response to the Federal Trade commission’s concerns on privacy. In the last few days since the document surfaced online, opinions from all sides have been weighing in. To some the document is an outright challenge to users privacy while others see it as evidence of the sites involvement with protest in Egypt and Tunisia. Both sides have been covered extensively as this document has been picked over carefully. To privacy advocates, the document shows a sign of defiance as Facebook declared that it would continue to share users addresses and numbers. To supporters, it shows how the social media giant helped facilitate the protest in the middle east by protecting the identity and correspondence of Egyptian activist. Either way, this document continues to cause argument.

Google Becomes More Social

Here’s another reason that your brand should have a social media presence. Google results will soon contain even more results generated from social media content. Check it out.