Investing into social media is something that is becoming more and more obvious by the day. With social media holding so much of people’s attention, it is very difficult to ignore its presence. Investing can mean different things to different people of course. Whether it be investing your money, resources, effort or time, or possibly all of the above, it is becoming very important. To some time is money, so they could be viewed as the same.

This link takes you to a page on, where I found a short article covering ”How to Spend Your Social Media Money in 2011.” The article covers how to propell yourself forward in social media through majority means of money. For the most part, I thought the information was good and useful to implement.

The only thing I did not agree with, was #4-Sponsored Blog Posts. This was telling you to pay a blog to write a post covering you or your product. I could see how this is useful, but at the same time I just feel like it is trying to disguise itself as a real inspiration. Instead of following your name and finding this article that you inspired someone to publish, it gets out that you paid for it, and it, in my opinion, looses it’s validity as far as being promoted in a blog. Just seems off to me, but make your own judgements of course.

The link to the site is below, and with each of the five steps is at least one link leading to the material it references.